Tough Love in H-Town.Most people react to the fact that I live in Houston with, "How can you live in that hellhole?" But after 22 years of cold feet in Utah, it never gets too hot for me. 

Labor of Love.  Valentine's Day always gives me a little case of heartburn. Don't get me wrong: I LOVE love. I just don't want anybody to be disappointed. 


Modern life is often beyond me -- a fact that leads me to craft my own musings from time to time. Here are a few samples from the Beyond Her series published online from 2005-2010. Click the icons to view a PDF.

IPM Asset Solutions

This company needed all new collateral for a new business unit offering RFID systems and backoffice support. The point was to communicate with non-technical audiences the value of this high tech offering.  The concept is captured in the tag line: "Where's my stuff?"

Pennebaker Website

Design, branding and marketing firm Pennebaker wanted their website to be as engaging and interactive as they are.  Part of the challenge was organizing 30 years' worth of experience in a creative and provocative way that highlighted the firm's strategic thinking.

Personal Samples

Professional Samples

Powell Industries

I have written the annual report for this supplier of complex integrated systems for distribution and control of electrical energy and other critical processes since 2008.

  Paule Hewlett / Writer

Funny Business.  I knew during the boom days of home financing and a raging stock market that there would be a reckoning.  What I didn't realize?  I would be writing the check.