Paule Hewlett / Writer


WHAT else


  • Revamp existing materials to make them more effective. 

  • Develop a communications plan that aligns with your marketing plan. 

  • Suggest creative and fresh ways to communicate with all of your audiences.

  • Boil down highly technical topics into something everyone can understand and appreciate.

  • Highlight your value, advantages, strong points in every form of communication.

  • Recommend other members of a creative team that can deliver a quality product. 

  • Help get projects finished on time. 

For the Curious




Most of the time, a writer will work on a team with graphic designers and other professionals to develop the final product.  

It is best practice to develop a Creative Brief that outlines the objectives, audience and scope for a project to get everyone aligned.  

In ideal circumstances, clients provide background material and identify key resource people to be interviewed, providing plenty of source material. 

Initial copy is submitted for review and editing, ideally by a small group of key players. No need to wordsmith -- most often, reactions can simply be discussed and implemented in a revision. Revisions continue until final copy is approved. 

In the best consultant relationships, the writer gets to know a client and the organization, and can be called on an as-needed basis.