who needs a writer?       Probably you

​​​​Almost any company targeting various groups of people -- meaning customers, employees, the community -- and project a brand needs a professional writer. 

While many business people are excellent communicators, business writing is a specific skill. Plus, writing for today's audience and today's mediums is tricky. 


Writing fees are generally a small percentage (10-20%) of the total cost of a communication project, whether it is a print, multimedia or web piece. And the cost of not communicating effectively is, well, high.

Consulting and editing services are billed at an hourly rate.  As an experienced writer, I can provide accurate estimates with an idea of project parameters.

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  Paule Hewlett / Writer


In a nutshell, get your message out.  

Along the way, writers can:

  • Get to the core message:  What's the main idea?
  • Develop clear messages and themes that add value to all of your communications.
  • Help organize and summarize your thoughts for any type of communication, including brochures, websites, speeches, presentations, direct mail, newsletters, training materials.
  • Strike and maintain a tone that reinforces your brand